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Enhancement request sql nav


I have to view the differences of users code as part of our software migration procedures. Currently I right click on a package, select view differences on the popup menu. Then enter the information in the view differences window.

The bottom of this window is a object name box.

I would like to be able to type schemaname.objectname and then click the ok button. because its a lot faster Plus I am able to be more accurate by copying the name of the object from the selected object box. This enables me to just past the object name instead of typeing it. * again a lot faster*

Currently I have to click on the three dots at the far right corner, then select a new schema, then find the object. So your basically doubling the amount of work I have to do.


Hi Henry,

We have actually tried to implement this like you propose. It’s not in current version because it caused some problems(e.g., how to handle some special objects which themselves contain “.” in their names). I think we will need to re-evaluate this. I will let you know once we have good news for you :slight_smile: