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Enhancement request to SQL NAV


I manage multiple databases consisting of over 14 terrabytes of data with sql nav. Each datababase has a few hundred schema’s. I think it would be great to have a tab on top of the schema browser that will enable you to enter the schema name that your looking for and nav will find that schema.

As a type into the tab or schema browser listbox.
Schema browser will select the schema that matches the contents of the list box.

typing ksw in the box would bring me to all the schema’s that start with ksw.
But this list box is super cook when I can type in the schema that I am looking for and sql nav will find it for me. This way I don’t have to manually search.

Toad get close, but after a few characters it starts to bounce around the schema for some strange reason. Plus there are too many tabs braking the schema into various points of interest.

Nav gets me to the user’s schema and I can then find what I am looking for. This kind of feature would also be great for procs and packages. Basically I want to make the computer do the searching instead of my eyes. After a 15 hour day - they get a little slow at figuring out what to search for.

Also I am old and lazy so that is why I buy nav to do the work for me!!!


Hi Henry,

Currently we have two filters utilities for DB Explorer. One is the combo box on top of DB Explorer. This filter supports instant search but it only works for objects. In other words, we’re not able to use it to filter/select schemas.
Another one is a more complex dialog where you can filter both schemas and objects but it’s not instantaneous and you have to set up the filter then click OK button to close the dialog before you can see the result.

I have created an enhancement CR for you. If you have more comments regarding how we should implement this feature, please feel free to add.