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Enhancement request


This will turn sql nav into a million dollar product!!

Build a password change utiltiy in sql nav. Basically it can change the password for all the passwords & databases that are available in tnsnames. It’s possible the tnsnames will have more databases than I have access to, so don’t try to change for all databases. But enable me to change the password for the databases that I want to change.

Super cool, would be to change the password and store the password in the sql nav login screen after the password has been successfully changed.

Make this more cool than any other product on the planet!!


Hi Henry,

Sorry for a late reply getting back to you on this.

We have raise an enhancement request for you and will keep you posted if we could make progress in this area.

Thanks and regards,


You know even if you don’t make this inside quest but make a better version passaid. google passaid and you will get what I mean.


Sorry I ment to say perhaps you provided a utility in the quest directory that helped to change passwords for lots of databases. Or even a way to do this from inside of nav. Either way - DBA’s have to keep LOTS of passwords either in synch with all the databases or some combination. Since your the “go to” tool for oracle DBA’s then I think this would be a job a lot of us would appriciate the help. I have to change my passwords every 40 days or so. Changing passwords for 40 databases gets old.

Good luck and thanks for being responsive to us.