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Entity can not be created after 24 entities in a model and NO DFD option


Dear All,

I am a new user of Toad modeler. I use version 2.25.
while creating a modelfor my project, i find that I can not create an ENTITY after i created 24 entities. The ENTITY button is disabled.
Also the M:N relation button is also disabled.
The DFD option is not comming in Model Explorer at all.

Any idea what is happeing.

Thanx in Advance



As far as I know, in CS2 was limit 7 or so entities when using trial version.
Maybe there is similar limit in TDM2.
Check your licence / licence file.


Hi Froid,

This is the limitation of TDM 2 Freeware. Please see the features comparison at:

Feel free to download the trial version and get the key to unlock it:

Anyway, I recommend you to download TDM 3 Beta latest version and check out its great new features. See the Download section in the community. :wink: