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Entity name change lost


In version, the following sequence results in the change to the entity name being lost.

  1. Type Ctrl+E and click in the model diagram to create an entity.
  2. Open Entity Properties dialog for the new entity.
  3. Change the name of the entity.
  4. Click on the Keys tab.
  5. Double click on Key1 to open the Key Properties dialog.
  6. Change the name of Key1.
  7. Click OK to exit the Key Properties dialog.
  8. Clock OK to exit the Entity Properties dialog.
  9. The change to the key name is preserved, but the change to the entity name is lost.

This problem occurs for existing entities too, but I can make the steps more precise by starting with a new entity.



Thanks Rodney for this bug notification!

We will fix it. CR # 36 665.

Temporary solution: Please confirm Apply the changed entity name.

Thanks very much again!


added temporary solution

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