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Entity properties window-->Atrributes tab


Cannot move the caption column…see attachment
IINET_corrected.TXP (282 KB)


I got the similar problem on
Entity properties windows ->Check Constraints,

I am not able to move the “Name” Column

I guess it got the problem on most of the tab under Entity properties windows, anything about the column which is near the middle. “Key” tab, “Index” tab (on the Name Column), in which we are not able to resize the column, I guess it is a bug?

Many thanks

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It is not a bug, but another good topic to open another discussion. Thanks!
This behaviour is correct - see the details below.

Explanation + Current behaviour:

The idea of how the forms work in TDM 3 is that the columns automatically fill the whole form.
Example: Feel free to enlarge/decrease e.g. the Entity Properties form/see the Attributes tab. What can you see?:

  • No matter what size the form is, you can always see all its tabs and all columns.
  • Also, take notice of the Caption column in our example. -> While changing the size of the Entity form, this is the only column that changes its size too.

As the columns automatically fill the whole form in TDM3, in every form or tab there’s always one column that completes the size of the form. For this column, you cannot change its size manually. Its size is automatically recalculated according to the size of the whole form.
-> See the Caption column… And this is the same for e.g. the Triggers tab of the Entity Properties form. Here, the Name column has this function.
And similarly other forms…

So, this is how TDM3 behaves. Well, I hope you can understand my explanation.

In any case, this opens a question if it’s a good solution and if it’s comfortable for you - users of TDM3.

Let me present another possible behaviour. Maybe, you will prefer this one.

Suggestion on different behaviour

Columns will NOT automatically fill the whole form.
How it will work (example - Entity Properties form again):

  • When you decrease the form, you will not see all its tabs and columns. (Those on the right will not be seen. Of course, it will depend on how much you decrease the form.) However, there will be a scrollbar at the bottom of the form so as you can sroll to e.g. the Status column (last column) to see it.
  • When you enlarge the Entity form a lot, you will see all its tabs and columns and moreover there will be some empty space available. You will be able to change width of all columns at your convenience.

Well, this solution will probably be less nice at a look, however might be more comfortable for you.

So, what do you prefer? - Current behaviour (vote for number 1) or suggested change (number 2)?

Please let us know your ideas and opinion. Possibly, you have another suggestion. Please feel free to share it with us!

Thanks for letting us know!

Vladka & TDM Team



Thanks for your explanation, I would prefer allow user to change the width of the column. (as some of the name of the field is stupidly long = ( (30-40+ characters). If we have the autowidth for this column, then we may not be able to view the content of other columns clearly like datatype …etc

I would be grateful, if possible to allow us to select the column that we could like it to have auto-resize width [either by right click on it or change the setting somewhere]. ( as you have already got the feature of autowidth for some column).

Please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many thanks



Fine. Thanks!

I suggest to wait for opinions and enhancement tips of other Beta users too.
Finally, we’ll make some conclusion on this issue in our team, present it here so as all you know how it will be solved. (And I’ll enter it as a new request under appropriate CR.) OK?

Thanks again for your ideas.

Have a nice day.



A poll was created for this issue


Okay, here’s another opinion. :slight_smile:

When I drag the border between column A (on the left) and column B (on the right), I think column A’s size should change accordingly and the size of all other columns should stay the same even if that means that there needs to be a scroll bar at the bottom. It’s simple to understand and use.



It’s certainly an idea Rodney. It would allow you to keep all the columns in one screen but wouldn’t result in something changing that you weren’t expecting. The only thing I’d worry about is like Chi said some things are just long. Plus this is harder to do when people work at different screen resolutions.

Personally I’ve gotten used to the microsoft (excel, etc) method of column management. I’m not saying they have the best way but they certainly have influenced defacto UI design. Each column can be individually resized and a double click will adjust it to the width of the widest item. When you have more columns than fit on the screen you just have to scroll but you can usually re-arrange the columns you use most to appear on the left.


Sorry if I wasn’t clear, Kelley. Citing Excel is a good idea. That is what I was attempting to describe.



Hello all,

Thanks very much for taking part in this discussion.
The user resize option preponderates, so we will deal with this task, taking into account other suggestions you’ve made. We will consider them all.

For this task, CR has been created - # 35 274.

Thanks again!