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ER Diagram “data type not supported”


In using release (standard edition Oracle) and running the ER Diagram I constantly get a message “data type not supported”. Even if I am try to lower the level to 0 and work with a table containing only 5 fields (4 with a data type of NUMBER and 1 VARCHAR2(85)). Any ideas?


Hi Tony,

We need to investigate the problem. To be honest, I can’t recall any feedback on the ER Diagrammer to this point. We’ll give you a detailed answer next week.

Thank you,


Hi Tony,

With ER Diagram tool in SQL Nav you can only:

  • create diagram,
  • save it to file or as bitmap
  • print preview and print,
  • load diagram into SQL Modeler
  • find table dependencies

When you say you are running ER Diagram, what actually steps are you taking?
Could you send us a screenshot showing error message and SupportBundle?



I did not do anything special.

Right clicked on the table and selected ER Diagram

I have tried all kinds of combinations with Levels and Display Options,
but the error is the same.

Here it is!


Hi Tony,
I have no clue why you ar egetting message about datatype not being supported in ER Diagramer.
The issue requires further investigation.
It could be some environmental configuration.
Please contact Quest support, they will investigate the issue thoroughly.

Rgds, Andrew