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ER Diagram


I’m wondering if I’m just missing something simple here (or misunderstanding the feature). Today I thought I’d try out the ER Diagram feature.

However I can’t find a way to just add all existing objects to the diagram. Or for that matter, after I’ve chosen the ONE object I’m allowed to from the drop down list, how to add another object.

What am I missing here?


Spot on, Dwayne!

You are not missing anything. You have just discovered that ER Diagrammer is not yet integrated with Code Editor We will fix it soon.



did this ever get resolved? we have the profession version of SQL Navigator, and it shows on the ‘about’ page that ER Diagram is a standard part of SQL Navigator. What are we missing?

thanks for your help!


Hi Bets,

To add a table into the ER diagram, you can drag and drop it from DB Navigator tree or Project Manager.



thanks Gwen for the information!