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Erro BenchMark Agent(PRED40-152) Error: New Order:.....

Hey Guys! I
I am encountering an error when running the benchmark in MySQL Enterprise database, well I can run TPC-C with 1,4,6 … When I use up 10+ user loads, the following message appears

Agent (PRED 40-152) Error: New Order: Getting Timed Out Order Number Transaction “New Order Transaction” run failed by one virtual user agent in one of PRED40-152

I’m using 10 agents, my database is 10GB (Windows)

Note: I have tested it with more agents and the message is the same

Sorry my English!

There are a couple of things that may cause this error. First of all if you are running a version of BMF before 7.2, there was an issue fixed in version 7.2 to fix an update issue. Otherwise it may be that you have not refreshed your TPC-C data. The new order transaction processes transactions in the new order table, if you run the TPC-C workload it is possible that the new order table runs out of new orders to process for a particular warehouse/district. Try refreshing the data.