error 3010 compiling in access 2000

Dear All,

I have a problem compiling in access 2000. Only one table gets compiled before at get the error 3010 message.

Any help

Hello Bamba,

Toad Data Modeler 3 does not support Access db.

If you mean Toad Data Modeler 2, let me recommend you to have a look at the Help file | Databases | MS Access | Additional.




Ahoy Vldka,

I am an old casestudio user and I need help in compiling the attached file. Sorry to use the wrong forum, but I do not get any reaction somewhere else.

Script-version-2.txt (158 KB)

Hi Bamba,

problem is in the definition of Default values. If you define a Default as a single word, you can write it without quotation marks. However, if you define Default as multiple words, separated by commas, then you have to use quotation marks. Please edit attributes where default value is defined as multiple words separated by commas or where non-standard char is used and add quotation marks there.

observ, inquiry, test = invalid
“obsert, inquiry, test” = valid

If you wish to add quotation marks to Defaults (where comma is used) at once, click Model | MS Scripting in TDM2 or CASE Studio 2 and run the following script (copy and paste the script and press the Execute button):

function Main()
var TempAttr, NewDefault;
Model.ReadOnly = false;

for (a=0;a<Model.CountAttributes;a++)
TempAttr = Model.Attributes(a);
if (TempAttr.Default.indexOf(",", TempAttr.Default) != -1)
NewDefault = ‘"’+TempAttr.Default+’"’;
Log.Writeln('Default value changed to '+NewDefault);
TempAttr.Default = NewDefault;


Model.ReadOnly = true;

Click the Log tab then to see details.



Thank you very much. I was able to compile the script. V poradku!!!