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Error - Access violation at address 00000000. AntiVir Trend Micro(TM)



I have used the version with Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™ 7.0,
and if I try to reverse with “Reverse Engineering” from Oracle 10g I receive this error.

I am using the trial version.

Do you have any suggestion?



Hello Dimi,

  1. Firstly, please make sure you have all the necessary administrator’s rights.
  2. Check out whether you have the hotfix for Oracle 10g database.
    (For TDM, you can find the hotfix at:

Toad Data Modeler v3.0 Hotfix for Knowledgebase SOL36835 (

Other tips:
3. Please try to use all available connection methods. Does the problem occur for all of them?
4. Try to generate an SQL code or HTML report in TDM3. Does the error occur in these cases too?

Thanks in advance for your response.

The problem might be also the antivir program you use (your antivir versus TDM3). You can try to:

  • disable the antivir,
  • install TDM3 on another PC without the antivir,
  • use TDM3 on Virtual PC.
    Anyway, before I create a new CR for our developers to deal with it, I’ll wait for your response.

Thanks in advance very much.




Hello Vladka,

  • the hotfix SOL36835 didn’t help.
  • I have used all available connection methodes with the same problem: Error-Access violation
  • SQL Code and HTML Report produce the same error: Access violation

To disable the AntiVir is not possible in my compony, we have no pc without an AntiVir in our network.



Hello Dimi,

Thanks very much for your response.
From your reply, we think the problem is the antivir program. I’ve created a new CR for our developers. We will deal with this problem. CR # 39 277.

Generally, TDM3 has been tested and should work properly with Symantec Antivirus Corporate 10.1 and McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.

Well, I’m very sorry for the trouble you have. Now, I’m afraid, need to ask you for patience.
Thanks very much for your co-operation.


Vladka + TDM Team


Hello Vladka,

I use now the Beta Version and the “Reverse Engineering” works fine!!!
Now if I try to generate alter scripts for Oracle 10g ther is an error see attached file.




Hello Dimi,

this might be a problem of Windows.Oleaut.dll is part of Windows and is changed everytime you install or reinstall some programs.Some of us have this problem on “corrupted” Windows installations.It’s not connected with antivir program vs TDM3.

BTW I made some tests on Win2000 + OfficeScan 8.0 + Beta is running fine (RE,DDL generation,Alter script,HTML and RTF generation,Conversion,…) with models which we have there.

OfficeScan 7.0 is not supported from Trend Micro from 2005,but try in OfficeScan console -> Settings -> Real-time Scan -> Enable scan exclusion -> Edit exclude all directories for TDM3 :

  • in Program Files\Quest Software
  • in your Documents
  • in your Application Data



Now I get an error when I try to update a model from db (see attached file).
I use the new Beta Version



Hello Dimi,

We’re dealing with the ‘oleaut32.dll’ problem. CR # 41 056. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go as quickly as we expected.
I’m afraid, we need to ask you for patience.

Thanks so much!


Vladka + TDM Team