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Error deleting row in Code Editor



A error happens in Code Edit when I delete a row.

  • Run a query with option Updateble = OFF
  • Run again the query with option Updateble = ON
  • Select a row
  • Click the Code Editor´s button “Delete selecteds rows”
  • Click the Code Editor´s button “Apply changes”

At the Output Window appers:
“!10:21:57 Internal error occurred; see file ERROR.LOG for details”
And a messagebox:
“Program may have became unstable.
Press “No” and try to save your work OR press “Yes” to terminate program NOW”

But … the SQLNav didn´t create the ERROR.LOG in my computer.




The error doesn’t seem to occur in our current development build. Chances are, it’s been fixed

Moreover, we’ve changed the workflow so instead of Apply Changes and then Commit you simply Commit. Changes are posted (but not committed) as you move from one row to another. You should like the new workflow.