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"Error during loading of XML document."

Hello all,

One of TDM3 users have encountered the following problem while attempting to open his reversed model in TDM3 v.

What exactly he did:

He did the reverse engineering of his Oracle model, saved the newly created model with .txp extension and closed TDM3.
Later, while attempting to open the model, the following error occured:

“Error during loading of XML document. An invalid character was found in text content.”

Cause of the error:

This problem can occur if there is a character in database that XML format for UTF 8 code cannot deal with.

The error can occur also if you use an invalid character e.g. in Comments or Notes of entities or attributes in existing TDM3 models.


I’m pleased to inform you that this problem has already been fixed (CR # 43 617). The fix will be implemented in next TDM3 release.
Nevertheless, if this problem occurs before the new version is launched, please take the steps below.

Current Solution:

  1. Rename file “.txp" to ".txp.xml”.
  2. Open the file in a program that can read xml files. (E.g. in FireFox)
  3. Find invalid characters in the file and delete them. (E.g. in Notepad++)
    Save the file.
  4. Rename it back to “*.txp”.

Then you should be able to open the model in TDM3 again.

If you have any questions on this issue, please feel free to write us. Thank you.


Vladka + TDM Team

It is disappointing. Data Modeler 4.0 and 4.1 have the same problem. I am unable to load all models I have saved. :frowning:

Hi Steven,

I’m sorry for the situation. Can you send us one of the models you are not able to load to

Thank you very much.