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Error in last beta version


Last beta version of TOAD SS.

Internet is available only via proxy.

I set correct parameters in IE options.

I run TOAD SS and I obtain this error.


After click 2 times on OK button I can work.

Best regards,



Hi Sergio,

Could you please tell me more details?We tired but can’t reproduce.

How do you setting the proxy? the proxy info could you tell me? And you just click the button “Web”,and this page show up you get the exception?




Hi Cathy,

many thank’s for your help.

This is a screenshot of IE settings :


I use Windows 7 professional in italian language at 64 bis with service pack 1 plus last Windows update.

Like browser, Internet Explorer 11 - IE 11.

The problem appear every time I run TOAD SS 6.6 beta. After clickking two times on the OK button of the GPF dialog, I can work without problem.

I hope this help you…

Best regards,