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Error in sql stmt not being reported


Ok, this may be very difficult to reproduce, but it is a reason I had to use sqlplus over navigator. We have a query

to_date(a.H_PO_DATE, ‘rrmmdd’))

Ick, but it’s all I have. unfortunately they sent us a couple of numbers that had characters in it. If you select for those 2 records (I did not know which they were at the time) sql navigator reports:
ORA-01858: a non-numeric character was found where a numeric was expected
cool… But what I did first was select everything and then press the fetch all arrow down it does not report the error (I think it just stops at the first bad record without reporting). Thus I ended up using sqlplus to confirm it was not a problem with the Business Objects Universe but a data problem.

So I think navigator needs to, at a minimum, report that it could not return all rows (even if it can’t report the error).

What I got at the bottom was
“Data Set is Read-Only; Refreshed - 7/15/2009 10:17:02 / All 52501 rows fetched”

The number of rows in the table is 91102.

select h_orhdrm_seq, decode(a.H_PO_DATE, ‘000000’, to_date(null), from orhdrm a


Hi Dale,

I understand the problem. We will fix it ASAP, but it’s too late for 6.2, sorry.