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Error in the console


with the new beta (1317) the output general window gets lots of
16:25:46 Unable to write to C:\Users\fa.FS\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 6.2.0 Beta\FmtOptions.opt

any suggestion?


Did it appear after you format object or script?



Thanks for finding this out Filipe. This error may come from a change I made to synchronize formatter options and SQL Nav preferences. It looks like the way I update the FmtOptions.opt has problem. I will try to fix it asap and I will keep you posted.



Gwen: It happens when editing (not formatting)

Vicent: do you think that that fix could be very soon in another beta?
It’s annoying because the output windows is always trying to be on top or changing the edit focus

Thanks to both of you


Hi Filipe, I will definitetly fix this soon enough but I don’t know if we will send out another beta. I can imagine how annoying it is when the error keeps coming up :(. It’s my big fault to leave a timer keep updating the options (it should be updated only when there’s change). We cannot find out this cause problem in XP. I think the threading process and file locks in Vista may have a little differences so you come across the errors a lot. Anyway I will fix this soon, and I hope I can find out a workaround for you before we can send you a new build. Will docking the output window somewhere help to stop losing editor focus?


I can find the error in XP now :(. working in progress…



Hi Filipe,

The new beta release (1332) should include a fix for this issue. Please recheck it and let us know.

Thanks in advance



With this new build I do not get the error :slight_smile:



Thanks for the update Filipe.