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Error install V6.2

Has anyone seen this error while trying to install 6.2? For some reason I can't install the latest version of TOAD.


does anyone know if there is an error log file from the failed install?

Thanks for your help!


I found the error log, but this is not helping much.

Here is part of the error log:

[2C44:1D68][2016-05-06T10:55:17]i000: *** Begin all products log.

[2C44:1D68][2016-05-06T10:55:17]i000: ProductName=[Dell Toad Data Modeler], ProductVersion=[], Publisher=[Dell], Context=[Machine], ProductCode=[{ACFAD021-FC02-4F2C-B7FB-5E3960D79368}].

[2C44:1D68][2016-05-06T10:55:17]i000: ProductName=[Toad for DB2 6.1], ProductVersion=[], Publisher=[Dell], Context=[Machine], ProductCode=[{E121D023-F208-408E-AD48-0B6DE80CC7E3}].

[2C44:1D68][2016-05-06T10:55:17]i000: ProductName=[Toad™ for DB2 5.6 (64-bit DB2 Client)], ProductVersion=[], Publisher=[Quest Software], Context=[Machine], ProductCode=[{3E984923-240B-4A13-8091-2AA2CEF480D2}].

[2C44:1D68][2016-05-06T10:55:17]i000: ProductName=[Dell SQL Optimizer for IBM DB2 z/OS], ProductVersion=[], Publisher=[Dell], Context=[Machine], ProductCode=[{C73BFF97-EBF1-41BC-9667-7C52492FE889}].

[2C44:1D68][2016-05-06T10:55:17]i000: *** EXCEPTION *** TargetSite=[Void LogAllInstallations()], Message=[Object reference not set to an instance of an object.].

Hi, Robert.

I’ve not seen this error before. What type of license key do you have? It appears from the other products in your log that you may have a Dev or DBA Suite. Did you use the web-installer or full-download?



Good Morning Steve,

I was trying to use the full-download of 6.2.

For the license key I have two of them.

I have the TOAD for DB2 z/OS Xpert and the TOAD z/OS DB Admin Module add on.

When I originally set up 6.1. I entered the Xpert license key and then a few months later I applied the DBA add on.

Does this help? Maybe I need to uninstall 6.1 before install 6.2?

Thanks for your help,



It looks like the partial log you posted is not from our v6.2 suite installer as it has entries for older versions of our products (i.e. Toad for DB2 6.1, Dell Toad Data Modeler], ProductVersion=[]).

You should be able to locate the Toad DB2 2016 Suite installer log at:


Those logs should be named like:


Please post that if you can.

Or if you want to, you can email that log and your license keys to me (as I was not able to recreate this issue) at: