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Error Message - Local Storage Connection

I have an automation that first connects to an external data source to validate IF the data is ready to be imported into my Local Storage Connection.

If the validation passes, the automation will switch back and connect to the Local Storage Connection and continue. However, even with using DATABASE CONNECTiON icon to switch back to the Local Storage Connection, the automation will fail.

Here is the logError Mesasage

I found a previous thread about this exact subject but a solution was not provided:

can you assist?

which version are you on? Do you also use VBA like the thread you quoted? I might ask you later to open up a support request because we might need more information and some files.

I'm using version 5.0 (64 bit)
Here's the visual of my automation:

The settings default to an external data source and that first query is my validation - capturing the number of rows.

The if statement then has two cases:
-- if the number of rows returned <> 6 ... then note in the log and stop the process.
-- if the number of rows returned = 6 ... then note in the log and continue with the process.

The automation works fine until this point.
When I attempt to switch to the Local Storage Connect -- that's when you see the error message in the log image above.

I have identified and resolved the issue.

When switching to the Local Storage Connection, the embedded script (_01a_Delete_Daily_Decline_Tables) has a setting on the Activity Input tab which needs to be changed. It defaults to "FROM PARENT" being checked, you need to remove that check and then save.

The job runs just fine then.

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