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I’m not sure if this was going to be fixed in 5.5 or not, but it is still broken in the final Beta.

When I dbl-click on an error number (in SQL Editor or Pkg Editor), the Oracle Error information window pops up saying the Oracle V10 Server Messages.rvx not found. I only have messages for 9i loaded. I can change the DB version to 9 and it gets the message. But reverts back to looking for 10 on the next error.

Also, can the window be larger when it opens? Most of the messages and explanations are larger than what can be viewed.




While running installation wizard in section for Knowledge Xpert - in window “Select Instant Message Files” - select all files (8i,9i,10g) and in the next window “Set Default Message File” as you wish - it should work. Did you try set up messages this way?


As for your other suggestion - the error msg window can be easily resized, but we may never strike consensus what is the best size, hence, a handle is provided at left bottom corner to resize it according to individual requirement. Isn’t this more user friendly? Message was edited by: akot

Message was edited by: akot


Hey Charlie,

I’ve talked with Bruce about this…
It seems that it’s defaulting to the top of the list and selecting 10g in spite of the fact that may have selected the 9i option when you installed the application.
(I’m guessing that you did set it up correctly as per Andrew’s question).

I’m logging a CR to have it refer to your original setup selection (in your case 9i) and also to have scroll bars added to the message box, so at least you can see (easily) if there is more text to view.

The 2nd item (scroll bar) will definitely be added to the 5.5 build…
The 1st item - we’ll assess the risk to 5.5 and if it’s low, we’ll ad it, if it’s too high we’ll defer it to post 5.5.



Hi Charlie,

We will get both item1 and Item2 in 5.5 Release for you:

  • Both vertical and horizotal scrollbars have been added and the screen has been resized slightly larger, you have the ability to resize the window after it opens if needed.

  • The version of DB will use the library of the version of the current connection DB.

We will try to get a build to you early next week so you can check it out.

Thanks and regards,



To answer one of the questions, yes, I only installed the 9i messages. We only have 9i DB’s running here.

It is easy enough to resize the window, but my comment was just for the initial size. Every time you open the error message window, you have to make it bigger. I just think a bigger intial size so you will not have to resize most of the time would be helpful. This is also a window that you normally pop open, read, then close. There isn’t a reason to have it small - it’s not taking up real estate while you are working.



I’ll add your comments re the initial size of the box to the CR.
What you say makes perfect sense!!



Whoops… the CR had been done already…
Not sure if the fix includes a larger initial size for the message box (Bruce??).
If it doesn’t we’ll log another CR for you Charlie.



We have made the window larger as per Charlie’s request, and adding the Vertical scroll bar as well.

The changes will be included in the next build. We will send the build out in a day or 2.

Thanks and regards,




Hi Charlie,

Final Beta build 709 is now available.

Can you please let us know if build 709 has addressed all issues, and you are are happy with the changes .

Thanks and regards,




That is great. Thanks Charlie.