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Error opening data model from previous version of beta.


I get an error when I try to open a datamodel from the previous Beta. The error is “Access violation at address 00DCEA23 in module ‘TDM.exe’. Read of address 0000007C”. Can you tell me what I need to do?

Mark Wiechec


Hello Mark,

Please download the latest Beta version 3.0.10 and give it another try.
I’ve managed to open your model in this version successfully.(See the attachment.) Also, I was able to edit the model items etc.
However, as I can see, names of relationships are missing. Is that right?

Please let me know if you can open your model in the latest Beta too.




Thanks for the quick reply. I figured out my problem. I just got a new machine and it has Vista on it. I downloaded the latest Beta and tried it again on my old XP machine and it works just fine. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Mark Wiechec


Hi Mark,

Thanks for letting me know. I’m happy to hear it works properly.

If you have any troubles or questions on our Beta, please do not hesitate to write.

Have a nice day.