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Error opening data model


I reverse engineered a MySQL 5.0 database. Saved the data model to a file. When I try and open the file I get the following error:

Fatel Error - Error during loading of XML document …\datamodel.txp. An invalid character was found in text content.

Error number:C00CE508
row: 2
column: 3822

I’m using the latest beta version:

Can I send the file and have someone look at it to see what’s causing this error?


You can include the file directly in your message
or if it contains confidential stuff then send it as a private message, email.

Or try to locate the string/line/character that is causing the problem - if you are familiar with XML.

But the best would be if you somehow isolated the cause - reverse engineering table by table, or groups of tables, until you find the minimal export of your DB that generates corrupt model file.



Charlie, please try to rename the .TXP file to .XML and open it in IE Explorer. This way, you will verify if the XML is correct.

You can also send us the file for verification to:




I changed the file name to .xml and opened that file in Internet Explorer. It opened fine and didn’t find any XML errors.

The current schema has approximately 180 tables, I’ll try to limit the tables and locate which specific table may be causing the problem.


O.K. Charlie.



I found the table that was causing the error.

The create script for this table was edited with “vi” and the foreign key name actually has a “^_” (ie. control underscore) in the constraint name. (This was a typo and will be removed…) However, looks like MySQL doesn’t really care if there are control characters in table, column, constraint names…

I reverse engineered the database with TOAD and the control characters are not displayed visually but the next character after the control character is missing. However, the reverse engineer works. When TOAD created the XML for this table, it leaves a blank space in the XML where the “^_” character is located (when viewing in IE 7)

So, looks like a control character is causing the problem.

We are removing the “control character” typo from our constraint names to fix this problem. Not sure if you want to update TOAD to recognize control characters or not.

Thanks for your help.


Hello Charlie,

Yes, this is a problem. We will deal with it. CR # 38 346.

Thanks for your patience.


Vladka + TDM Team



we have the same problem and version number is

Thank you,



Have you managed the find the root of the problem? - Typo, invalid character etc.?
Have you checked out if your XML is correct? (Please try to rename the .TXP file to .XML and open it e.g. in Firefox. This way, you will verify if the XML is correct.)

You can also send us the file for verification to:

Info on the CR 38 346 - For now it’s been deferred as it has low priority.