Error using View (with Replace) in Cross-Connection Query

I created a Toad View to query data from Oracle. Within the view query, I used a REPLACE function to reformat one column. When I add this view to a Cross-Connnecton Query, the following error is returned: “This Toad View cannot be used with the original connection. The tables in the this view are not available”. The view runs fine when executed separately through the SQL Editor. If the REPLACE function is removed, I can add the view to the Cross-Connection query without issue. Is there a way to get this working?

Cross query uses MySql engine so the queries have to use MySql syntax and functions. Please verify that REPLACE follows the MySql syntax.



The replace function syntax in either MySQL or Oracle is the same.

The query executes successfully in SQL Editor of Data Point, and saves fine as a Toad View. It is only when I try to drag it into the Cross-Connection Editor that I get the error.

I confirme that there is an issue with using Toad View with a function in cross-connection Query Builder or Editor. I created a task QAT-7667 to track the bug.

Thank you for reporting it.