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Error when cancelling a query


Sometimes Toad has a hard time cancelling a running query. There have been
several time when I’ve had to kill Toad itself in order to cancel a query.

A simple way to produce this. Create a table FOO with a couple million records.


As the records start pouring in, hit F5 again. You get the prompt asking if you
want to cancel the currently running query. Select to cancel the currently
running query. It won’t stop. Try it again. Same thing.

Close the editor window. It will warning that you have a query running and offer
to let you cancel. Choose to cancel, and we get this error:

System.ArgumentNull Exception

Value cannot be null.

Parameter name: key

Stack Trace:

at System.ThrowHelper. ThrowArgumentNul lException( ExceptionArgumen t argument)

at System.Collections. Generic.Dictiona ry`2.FindEntry( TKey key)

at Quest.Toad.Editor. ScriptEngineMana ger.CreateScript Engine()

at Quest.Toad.Editor. EditorForm. DoExecuteSqlScri pt(String sql)

at Quest.Toad.Editor. EditorForm. DoExecuteSqlScri pt()

at Quest.Toad.Editor. EditorForm. ExecuteSqlScript ()

Running version