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Error when launch Toad for DB2 Beta 6


When I run toad for db2 I get the next error:

System.InvalidOperationException: Error al registrar DragDrop. —> System.Threading.ThreadStateException: El subproceso actual debe establecerse en el modo de subprocesamiento controlado simple (Single Thread Apartment, STA) para poder realizar llamadas OLE. Asegúrese de que la función Main tiene marcado STAThreadAttribute.
en System.Windows.Forms.Control.SetAcceptDrops(Boolean accept)

any idea?


What Operating system and bitness are you running?

Does this happen every time you run Toad?

After you get this error, can you continue to run Toad?




Also, can you let us know if you checked ‘Run Toad after the installer finishes’ on the installers final page?

We are determining that if that has not been checked - Toad will launch without the issue.


We have opened TDB-1008 to track this issue.



I’m getting this problem in the full release of Toad for SQL v6.5

Was there any resolution for this problem?

How do I find out more about TDB-1008?

Thanks for any guidance



We have made changes in our latest Toad for DB2 beta v6.0.0.372 to address issues found on start up. Please try that latest Toad for DB2 beta.

As for start-up issues with Toad for SQL Server: I have notified the Toad for SQL Server team so they can comment and\or address that as well.