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Error while Copying & Saving Test case


While We have created a few testcases using CT, both creation &execuition of the test cases are working fine,

Once we created more testcases (greater 40), we are frequently getting the attached error message (Please refer the attachment -error1).

we are also not able to simulate same, on high level observation, it is occuring while copying the testcase and start modifying the testcase.

whenever we found this error message, we have deleted the newly copied testcase and again copied and saved. Now we are getting deleted test case also (PFA).

As we are getting this error message frequently, it would be better you resolve the issue or suggest any workaround for this.






I am very sorry to hear of this, and also sorry that you did not contact Quest Support with your problem.

Let’s get it fixed! Please send to me at a support bundle that includes the program with which you have problems.

I will then have Quest Support set up a ticket and provide you with that information. Then we will do some diagnosis.

Regards, SF


Thanks for your prompted and quick response.

We will do it.