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Error while extracting ddl large defnition external table


Its’s our productional table, used to load data from file.
When i tried extract ddl from this table , error occured: Invalid variant operation
, when i tried edit, result the same.
I supose this is from numerous column list. When you edit , error occurs, but in winow are few cols…

By the way. Go to end of the longest line in this ddl, and try to sign text using shift+arrow. you Can’t. Go to begin of the longets line, and sign text using shift+right arrow… text is sgning to the end of line …
Check this

Regards Piter. (2.26 KB)

casting.jpeg (83.3 KB)

dba_tab_columns_obt_zu_migdb_xp_protokoll.xls (28.5 KB)

object_casting_problem_20070508.sql (29.1 KB)



Thank you very much for sending us the script file Piter.

I am working on the issues you reported at the moment. We will get back to you shortly with more updates.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Piter,

We have fixed the long line selection you reported. Nice catch . Currently, the max number of chars per line which can be selected is 5000, ie the selection can do done upto 5000th char. I have increased to the max which is around 32K chars. The changes will be included in the next beta build for you.

Andrew is working the extractDDL issue and will get back to you shortly.



Thanks for fast reply.


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