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Errors in 5.5 Beta


Dear all,

I have been using the for a couple of weeks now during my
daily work, even though sometimes it bothered me a lot. I have had my
notepad(++) always open as I was using Toad to make notes about the
errors I encounter, because I don’t want to interrupt my work to
compose an e-mail for each error. I think this is also more convenient
for you to process them all at once. Now that I have some spare time
on this late Friday (CET timezone ;-)), I have just made a summary of
them. If some of these were already mentioned, please ignore.

  1. Being able to generate histogram within the grid is an awesome
    feature! However, attempting to generate Histogram from a resultset
    with empty column names throws System.IndexOutOfRangeException .

  2. Mouse pointer keeps showing as an arrow on editor. When the mouse
    is on editor, it doesn’t become a text-type pointer (the cursor-like

  3. After importing a table using Import Wizard, I couldn’t see the
    newly imported table in object explorer. Right-click > refresh didn’t
    help. I had to reconnect. However, I cannot reproduce this all the
    time. Sometimes it appears, sometimes not.

  4. Instant object search in Object explorer is great, but:
    a) hitting delete during the search takes cursor to the starting position
    b) ctrl+a doesn’t function (I always use ctrl+a > del to remove the

  5. Import wizard is now much better, but:
    a) Feature to import heterogenous CSV-files at once is lacking. Say I
    have many different comma-separated text files in a folder. They don’t
    have the same column structure. They all have column names in first
    row. I want to transfer them all at once, I don’t want to define data
    types for each column (just make them all varchar, although some
    columns actually contain int or float, OR guess them from the first N
    rows. If necessary, I can correct data types after I imported them
    into DB) and I don’t want to define table names for each of them (say,
    set column name to tmp_). You might say that I’d better use
    the SS Integration Services for such a task, but I hate it because it
    is unnecessarily complex.
    b) Import is waaaay too slow for big files, compared to SSMS
    Import/Export wizard.

  6. I know that the issues about code completion has already been
    discussed, but still: ot often becomes non-responsive when it cannot
    retrieve the columns after typing “.” . It should just give up
    if it cannot!

  7. Some settings couldn’t be migrated from 5.0 Trial version:
    a) Named filters in object explorer
    b) In Options > Editor > Tools, “view object at cursor” changed to
    “object details”. In my 5.0 it was at “document viewer”

  8. A small feature req: middle click on object name should have the
    same effect as shift+f4

  9. A small error:

  • Open a table in viewer with dbl-click on object explorer
  • Alter Table in Viewer
  • Make some changes and submit them
  • When the alter table window is gone, some other table gets focused
    in object explorer
  1. Another small error:
  • Right-click on a function in object explorer
  • Alter function
  • I have to drag the options pane up each time, because it is too narrow
  1. Sometimes right-click > Refresh in object explorer doesn’t show
    newly created tables/functions. I see them only after a reconnect.

  2. There are many flaws about code completion again, like keeping the
    first item highlighted although another item was focused. But Henrik
    already made it clear that these issues are known and to be corrected,
    so I don’t want to repeat here them.

I know that sometimes the testing team have difficulty regenerating
these errors, because maybe they are often related with DB settings of
our site. As far as I have experienced, there are so many OLAP
environments that are run with stupid DB settings and (sometimes
intentionally) without any optimizations, primary keys, table
relationships etc. I would recommend that the testers do not only use
an optimized, normalized, standardized sample databases like
AdventureWorks, but also use database samples with no optimization,
garbage tables, tables and columns with crazy or no naming
conventions, inappropriately chosen data types, joins on columns with
different data types, etc., because this is how some DB environments
look like, if not many of them…




Great job!




Ercan, this is really good stuff, you have done an excellent job putting this

Hank Freeman

Senior Systems, Database/Data Warehouse Architect

678-414-0090 my cell Primary


Ercan, this is really good stuff, you have done an excellent job putting this

Hank Freeman

Senior Systems, Database/Data Warehouse Architect

678-414-0090 my cell Primary