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ERs: Highlighting, a Test Window and Split Screen


This is what happens when you tell people you are active on the TOAD forum:

My wish list. Please make it happen ASAP:

  1. Highlighting a word will highlight all other instances of that word (very common nowadays – except in TOAD !).
  2. Test window a-la PL/SQL Developer. That is, a fixed area of the window that has the bind variables – both in and out.
  3. Editor window split screen (like Word, and other text editors) – ie two independently scrollable windows of the same file. Each window reflecting any changes in the other.

I’ll buy you a case of beer if you can get all three in the next release of TOAD – now there’s a challenge.


#3 that is J


I thought Michael put that in there last release – review the yahoo posts
– it was added J

So that’s some beers already on tap J


#2, you want a panel to auto-show the inputs passed to a program and the
returned values?

I like this idea. Esp if we could have one place to see REC Cursors and whatever
else is returned. You might want to put it up on the TOADBeta forum…


And there’s just so much open space in the editor these days – why
not add another panel J

I get and like the idea – but the real estate questions scares me. Of
course I already turn off much of the editor offerings – so it’s an
easy user customization issue. But then again so are user customizable menus and
toolbars – and so few people make effective use of that it seems ……


Replace the REF Cursor panel, and you don’t incur any additional real
estate J


We have the capability to do number 3, but it’s not in there yet. For the
fall release this would be a good idea. Number 1 is a freebie as well.
I’ll add both of these to the todo list.



I’ll take a look at #2 for the next release. No promises but we’re always open
to new ideas.



Nice one gents, I’d love to see #1 as well.

#2 I’m sure we discussed on the forums before and threw around a few ideas.