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ERwin 7.2 ==> TDM


Is it possible to migrate the ERwin 7.2 model to TDM



see this:



thx a lot for the article. May I ask you how to do it practically?
You said:

Run Toad Data Modeler, enable Expert Mode (Settings - Options, section General, checkbox Expert Mode), open
Explorer and import the LoadLogicalInformationFromXML package.

How can I import LoadLogicalInformationFromXML package? Where Can I find it?
I see the Package Explorer Panel for All Models…where can I find the aforementioned package? Please advise.


Hi Michael,

you can download the LoadLogicalInformationFromXML package from:
There is a ZIP file download available on right side of the page.

Article about how to load custom packages is here:




I see…it does not seem that it’s really currently possible to convert my ERWIN 7.2 models into TDM. Reverse engineering way won’t help much in this case. Anyway, thank you for your time & clarifications. I do appreciate it. The Best Regards, Michael.