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escape key to exit popup - Grid behavior too


Say, in 5.5 (and in other products) you can often exit out of a dialog by using the escape key. In particular, when you double click in the sql grid, a box pops up with the value. You used to be able to press escape to close this window. It would be nice, and consistent both with 5.5 and other products, to be able to do this.

Another quick question about the grid. In 5.5 we were able to type directly into the box to edit a value. It appears now that you have to double-click and open the window to make a change? Was this a design decision or have you just not gotten to adding that functionality?




If you turn on the Updateable option, you will see a hint right under the grid toolbar. According to that hint, you can get the same behaviour as 5.5 by pressing F2, Space or Enter. As you already knew, double click will open a window instead.

If you edit straight from the grid, Escape still does the trick. However, the window still lacks that functionality and we will fix it soon.

Thanks for the feedbacks



Hi Jet,

In 6.0, the data grid in the Code editor when in Editable mode, you would be required to put the cell in editable mode first before you can change the content of the cell as Gwen’s note…It is our intention to have the grid behave that way, as we believe with the data grid in 5.5, it is easy to make changes the cell content by accident. Some of users like/prefer this it in 6.0. Do you think it would cause any inconvenience for you and our SQL Navigator users?



Hi Bruce,

I think it’s just a training issue. I didn’t notice the hint there. I know you guys have your hands full but before you go “live”, you should put together a cheat sheet of changes for the 5.5 users. Guys like me get so used to doing things a certain way that we don’t even notice the hints.

F2 is a good choice because it’s like Excel. I’m pretty sure i can remember that.

I can understand why you made the change. Just glad it’s easy enough to make a change when I need to.



Hi Jet,

Agree with you 100%. Thanks for the suggestion about the list of changes for 5.5 users. We will definitely take this on board. We will also cover this with our Support team before we go live with 6.0.

Thanks and regards,