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ETA to fix known memory leak

Just curious what the ETA is to fix what I have seen referenced as a known memory leak. I’m getting sick and tired of losing work. I’ve altered my workflow (not a good by product in a mature product) to shutdown and restart way more than before but I still get the error and crash boom lost work.

Pushing a known memory leak fix to a future version and not a patch kinda sucks for your clients. Things like broken code folding logic one can live with, but lost work is not cool. I’ve seen several posts since the last release and have been expecting a patch daily. To see a fairly new post saying it will be fixed in a ‘future’ release is not encouraging.



It’s being looked at now. Perhaps a couple of weeks remaining, but that will be for beta release. When the beta comes out you can use it or you could chance copying the affected DLL from beta to your GA installation. Using the beta DLL in GA is not recommended, but should function OK without problem.

The memory leak is fixed in the current beta ( if you would like to join the beta program. There are still a few minor leaks being looked at, but the big offender has been addressed.