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Excel Download "Protected"


Ok, first time with the new version, tried exporting to excel.

Excel throws up a big red “protected view: Office has detected a problem with this file. Editing it may be dangerous.”

I notice that the “author” is listed as Josef Stalin.

This has never happened before. What did you guys change?


Hi Jet,

This issue only happens when export to Excel 2003(xls) and we are detecting it now with SQLNAV-1527.

We would suggest that you can export to Excel 2007 or 2010 (xlsx) which will not meet this problem. The way is to change the extension manually after the file name to xlsx when export.




I’m not sure I’m following. I’m using Excel 10. If it’s as simple as renaming the extension, it seems like a very simple thing for you guys to fix. Hopefully that’s what you intend to do.

Now I’m getting a message “Some text formatting may have changed in this file because the maximum number of fonts has been exceeded”


Currently in the Browse window the type shows as “Excel Workbooks 97-2007(xls, xlsx)” which means we didn’t make them as separate options, so that’s why we asked user to change the extension manually. (Toad did the same)

But we agree with you that we can do something to change, so SQLNAV-1529 has been raised for it. We will be allowed to select which format (xls, xlsx) we want with the new change.

Thank you again for giving us feedback Jet, we really appreciate that!


I see. Thanks for the explanation


Hi Jet,

This Protected issue for excel exported should work ok in latest beta3, the strange author name was removed as well.…/21915.aspx