Excel reports no longer embedded in TDA when Excel 2007 installed

I know that TDA 1.1.1 doesn’t currently support the Excel 2007 format; however, I can view my data in Excel when I select the Send to Report button in the Wizard bar. This launches a new instance of Excel outside of TDA. With Excel 2003, the Excel file used to be embedded within TDA. Is there a work-around for this behavior? How can I get the Excel file to appear embedded within TDA when I have Excel 2007 installed on my machine?

With the addition of an interop component, this has been resolved in the TDA 2.0 Beta and you will be able to parent Excel 2007 in Toad just as you were able to with Excel 2003 in TDA 1.x.

Microsoft changed the default behavior in Office 2007 to not open in IE by default which also impacted our ability to parent Excel 2007 in Toad. There is a workaround but we disabled parenting Excel 2007 in TDA versions 1.x due to a number of undesirable side effects which the new component added for 2.0 now handles correctly.