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Exception while typing CONVERT function in existing SQL Statement

Got this exception:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Stack Trace:
at Quest.Toad.Trl.BaseSqlTrl.OnFetchException(Exception exc, Boolean notificationManager)
at Quest.Toad.Trl.BaseSqlTrl.ExecuteQuery()
at Quest.Toad.SqlServer.Trl.SSShowListTrl.ExecuteQuery()
at Quest.Toad.Trl.BaseSqlTrl.Execute()
at Quest.Toad.Trl.BaseSqlTrl.CreateData(ILiveCache entry, IFilterLiveCache filter, FilterInfo filterInfo)
at Quest.Toad.Trl.BaseSqlTrl.GetData(Boolean filtered, FilterInfo filterInfo, Boolean bCacheDasta, Boolean bIsDeferredCall)
at Quest.Toad.Trl.BaseSqlTrl.GetData(Boolean filtered, FilterInfo filterInfo)
at Quest.Toad.Trl.ShowListTrl.GetTrls()
at Quest.Toad.CodeInsight.MethodInsightItem.FetchData(Object unused)

After clicking OK got this exception:


QP5 Message => msg 'Function 5117 (QP5_SHL_INIT_CHUNKER): Handle (0x19E9D5C0) passed to API seems to point to a deleted QP5 object of type SHL.

YES = continue, NO = continue and stop bugging me, CANCEL = abort program’

caption ‘API Guard (QP5 version 5.262.14011.37232)’

type ‘19’

Clicking OK again returned me to the editor.