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Exception with stored procedure grants...


Hey guys!

Another great beta release! Keep it up. However, I have stumbled upon something with the grants section in the stored procedure.

I setup a “simple grant” (Thanks for this implementation 8^D) but after I go to apply the name/group to assign the grant to, I’m getting an exception (see screen shot). The details of the grant appear there, but I didn’t see anything in the “Grant Permissions” section of the generated script. I’ve attached my data model as well. This model has been through a few Beta 3 releases, so I don’t know if there are some artifacts under the hood that might be in the way either.

Keep up the great work!

datamodel.txp (66.9 KB)

datamodel.txp (67.8 KB)


Hello Dillie-O,

Thanks for your bug notification!

We will fix it ASAP. CR # 36 329.

Thanks very much!


Vladka & TDM Team


If it helps at all, I’m finding that the exception occurs when I attempt to change the name of the user that I want to grant permissions too. I’m getting the same exception when working with a different data model.


Thanks very much for the information. I’ve updated the CR for my colleagues.

We appreciate your help very much!

Have a nice day.