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Exceution console "Direct values of OUT to DBMS_OUTPUT" disabled


On the Execution Console, the checkbox “Direct values of OUT to DBMS_OUTPUT” is checked on, and it is also disabled. I can no longer see the results of my out parameters in the Results tab (Results tab is gone).

This happened after I pressed the “Profiler” button, and SQL Nav informed me that the schema needed to be updated to run profiler. I cancelled out. Now the “Direct values of OUT to DBMS_OUTPUT” is disabled and is checked on.

SQL Nav version

How can I reset this?

Thanks in advance


Hi Jorge,

On the Execution Console pane, select the Profiling tab and untick the ‘Enable Profiling’ option. This should fix the issue.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the suggestion, but this is already unchecked (Profiling tab, “Enable Profiling” is checked off.


Please post a screenshot of the Parameters tab and the Profiling tab. Maybe I can find something in there.