Exclude database from Spotlight (Databases alerting)

Is anyone aware of a way to exclude a database from Spotlight?

We have a number of databases that fall into one of the following categories…

  1. Static copy for historical purposes.These databases will never change and we aren’t concerned about them being at 99% of capacity, for example.

  2. Database is online for standby, as it is logshipped from production.

In both cases we would like to be able to exclude the database from being flagged in Spotlight and not have it displayed for that metric.

As far as I can see the only option have is suppress that metric from alerting for a period of time. This doesn’t remove the database from the alerts. It simply stops the alert from flashing.

This effectively renders that entire section of the Home page useless.

Hello Doug,

I think you can switch to Database pane then select the databases you want to exclude from monitoring, right click on them and press ‘Exclude from Status Alarms’ and ‘Exclude from Space Alarms’. Afterwards back to Home pane and refresh. Now I think there would no more alerts from these databases.

Please let me know whether this can solve your problem. Thanks.

That’s exactly the ticket! At least for the database space. Thank you so much!