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Excluding results


I installed version 5 and when I do the following query
select date_format (current_date, ‘% Y-% m-% d’) as data
the result is (Excluded)
Can someone help me?


I need more information on this. Here are my questions:

  1. The latest release of Toad for Data Anlaysis is 2.7. You refer to version 5.0. Are you using different product?

  2. I am assuming you are using a mySQL connection? If so, to format your date it works better ifyou take the spaces out of your format string.

  3. By default LOBs are excluded when executing in the editor. You can choose to always retrieve lobs by changing the option in Options | Database | General

  4. If changing the option does not give you the behavior you expect, can you send full screenshot of the application when you get this result set?