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excute tests on the command line



I need some help running the test packages that I created in code tester from the command line (unix). I looked at the help doc but I was having trouble connecting …if someone could post the steps to use command line that would be great. Sorry, I am new at this kind of stuff. Mainly, I was having trouble connecting to the command line with the username and password for oracle.

Thanks in advance.


There are two command line interfaces:

  1. The PL/SQL API: you construct and run PL/SQL blocks to run a report, a test, etc.

  2. The EXE command line: you put together commands to run the Code Tester user interface.

I believe you are trying to do the latter. This actually runs the UI - which is a Delphi app for Windows. You cannot run this in unix. That is likely the cause of the problem.

What step do you want to perform via the UI command line?



I just want to pick a simple test case and run it in unix… if you could just post the steps to how to start it that would be great.

Thank you.
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You’d open a SQLPlus command-line session and spawn the pl/sql block steven described below…


Hey gen12,

The steps to do this are thoroughly documented in the Help:

How do I…
Run Code Tester from the Command Line
Run tests from a PL/SQL block

Please look this over and let me know if you have questions that are not answered for you.

Regards, Steven