Currently you have several choices with the execute button. Would be nice if I could execute Original + first N selected Scenarios.

Hi David,

Can you clarify for us exactly what you are asking? Are you asking for a function that will execute the first N alternatives? the first N alternatives from the ones that have been selected? Do you want N to be variable so that you must be prompted for the value each time? Or would you like N to be preset to say 20?

Or do you think that this functionality that is currently available will satisfy your need?

Select individual alternativesYou can select the original SQL statement and as many of the alternatives as you would like by clicking the statement in the Scenario Explorer window. An X is displayed in the leftmost column for each selected statement. Only these selected SQL statements are executed if you select the Execute Selected function.

Select first 20 alternatives
You can use the Unselect All function from the right-click menu in the Scenario Explorer window to remove X in the leftmost column and then right-click on Alt #20 and select the Select All Up function. This will select the original SQL statement and the first 20 alternatives. Then select the Execute Selected function.

Yes I do see the X in the left column but if I wanted to select say 5,6,7,8,20-25 you can’t do this. Just thought if would be something to add low priority. I will look for the right click stuff as I work to see if I can find more options, just may have missed them.

Hi David,

Understood, I will add this as an enhancement request.

Thank you