execution problem

When i try to execute alternative sql statements nothing happens.I get the message: starting:Construct executin script. What could be the problem. Thanks in advance. Bostjan

Hi Bostjan,

Please let us know if you are running version 7.0 or the beta version 7.2.

Also are you seeing this error in the Tuning Lab module?


I also have a similar problem.

I’ve noticed that if the option Run on server is selected then during the construct execution script step the sql statement is submitted to oracle by replacing the where clause on the sql statement with a where 1 = 2.

However if the select statement has been written using non ansi joins (i.e. the where statement contains the join conditions) then the effect of this is that oracle will join the tables using cartesian joins.

By disconecting the session from another toad session the construct execution script step completes and the next step executing starts. I’ve never waited to see whether it ever comes back if just left.

I’ve tried using the option Run on client and the same thing does not happen. During the construct execution step different sql statements are submitted which read sys views, etc and are over in a matter of seconds. However using this method I have hit another problem where during the executing step the sql is not terminated if it exceeds the time for the original sql despite having that option enabled.

Quest SQL Opitmizer for Oracle Production Version
Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

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Hi Nezcaro,

Were you using SQL Monitor to trace the SQL? If yes, can you send us the log so that we can understand more where the process was stucked.

Also, you may try the new beta version 7.2 and see if you will find it better in the execution.