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Experiencing a very slow edit


I am editing a package with 5500 lines.
When editing a comment or writing ( ou ) I have to wait some seconds (1, 2, 3 seconds), before I can continue

Anyone is experiencing the same?


I am not 100% sure but I think this dot lookup/auto code completion turned off will help speed it up…
Click the icon to turn it off then when using a smaller package turn it back on… Again I am not 100% sure on this…


It’s possible although you shouldn’t get it when you tying in comments. We did get this problem when we used a slow connection.



I do not get this problem with 5.5


It’s probably because 5.5 provides less information than 6.* (i.e. firing simpler query). The hard thing about fixing this issue is we’re not sure about the root-cause. It’s not a database or enviroment issue. We have tested in all kind of database-client combination and used several testing machine but couldn’t get it consistently.

Throughout the beta process, there’re times when it’s significant worse and reproducible. That’s when we made changes to improve the performance.