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Expired products

I’m at a point of complete frustration.
After several attempts and hundreds of megas in downloads I can’t install a single version of any listed TOAD product.

Your policy of “product with expiration date” is simply depressing. ALL software that tried using and/or try do not work because the expiry date has expired, the versions are from 30/10/2013… Congrats [32bits]

Hi Joseluis , don’t get frustrate it’s very easy to download Toad BI. Let me explain you how.

  1. Got o

  2. Go to solutions and click business intelligence

  3. Select by products tab and click on toad business intelligence suite

  4. Now click on download button.

Please get back to me if you need any further assistance.


Shanker Agarwal

Thank you for your prompt reply.

It does not reply to “my” problem.

The Beta or Freeware versions available to download at ToadWorld, are right now already expired, its just like that.

Toad Business Intelligence Suite its a trial for 90 Days and it’s 8.000€ and it is not what I am looking for.

Thank you.

We will post a Beta tomorrow. Sorry, I lost track of the time.

Interestingly almost a year later, I return to give try and experience Quest products (Dell) and come back at exactly the same point a year ago.

I’ve downloaded Toad Data Point beta 3.7 and 300MB after, when trying to install says that the period of trial ended and redirects to the download site…

I think you should pay more attention to the software release process.

For example, if the trial period has expired, why not let the software open and limit features?

  • Like, “alter database and tables” and limit SQL Editor, but let user use “view” features? This way even after trial period you can View the software features but not modify anything on database and tables…

Best regs.