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Explanation of how TOAD diagram works


Last beta version of TOAD SS but it’s the same in last stable version 5.8.
See my screenshots in attach, diag1.jpg and diag2.jpg.
I open diagram and drag and drop ANAGRAFICA_MACCHINE table on it. As you can see in DIAG1.JPG, there are 2 foreign key, FK_CODCLI with table ANAGRAFICA_CLIENTI and FK_TIPOMACC with TIPOLOGIA_MACCHINE.
All is OK.

At this point I open another diagram window, and drag and drop on it TICKETS table. See my DIAG2.JPG for details.
As you can see there is a relation (foreign key) between TICKETS table and ANAGRAFICA_MACCHINE table via FK_CODMAC on TICKETS table.
TOAD draw correctly tables TICKETS and ANAGRAFICA_MACCHINE, but it doesn’t draw TIPOLOGIA_MACCHINE table with it’s relation between ANAGRAFICA_MACCHINE, like I describe to you above.

My question is simple…
How TOAD Diagram draw entity (tables and views) when I drag and drop one or more tables on it ?
I appreciate too much the aspect to draw the relations between tables that I drag and drop on it, but correctly all tables in relation must be draw in diagram.

Probably I think different from TOAD and I want understand how toad works.

I stay tune for your answer.

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti


Probably the answer to my question is parameter : Maximum references depth : maximum number of levels of referential tables to include - of diagram options.

Value 1 is the default.
If I change it to 2 all tables was draw in diagram and I see correctly the relations between tables.

Probably value 1 include master and detail. Value 2 include master - detail and another details of details if exists, and so on…

Have I understand correctly ?

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti


Yes. If you set the max depth to 0, you will only see the tables you drag on. If you set the depth high enough, you will end up with every table that has a foreign key reference. :slight_smile:

Does this answer your question?


Dear JFischer,

many thank’s for your help and support.
Yes, your answer is helpfull about my problem.

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti