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Export as Access database fails for F5, works others

Good Afternoon TOAD Support,

    This goes back before the latest Beta, but the bug is still in the latest beta.

    This is a data dependant failure.  If I run the query with F5 I cannot export it to Access; Error message: Field 'R_USER_PROGRAM.COMMENTS' cannot be a zero-length string.  However, when I run the query F9, in a Describe window, or in a schema browser i do not get any error message and create an Access Database with the table.  This is not an isolated case, just one example provided.  

    Combined all scripts into one file, since only one attachment allowed.

All that fails to export to access if run by F5.sql (10.6 KB)

You should use F9 if you are going to export to access. When you run as F5, all data is represented as strings, and we are going to create string-type fields in access. If you use F9, you’ll get a truer representation of the datatypes that are in the table in Oracle.

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