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Export DDL issues



just installed new version and I’m trying to check previous issues:

1! Scripting Foreign key: you are using such template:

SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N’[dbo].[fk_rodzaj]’) AND
xtype =‘F’)

Table sys.objects has no such column as xtype . Sysobjects has had it!

For tables there is on such error [template works correct!]

  1. After generating script I pressed ‘open in editor’

It opened but I cannot parse / execute this result.

  1. There is possibility to script columns [alone] but it is lack of scripting

[I suppose that it will be more usable]. Triggers can be scripted only as a part
of table.

  1. When checking tables It would be nice if I could select all dependent objects

[like primary / foreign keys]

  1. It works terribly slooow. I tested it on 1-4 tables and it took no less then

and uses a lot of CPU

  1. proposal - adding new feature:

  2. a. I selected ‘object types’ - tables,

b. then marked some tables.

c. then unselected tables

d. and selected again.

and tables [objects] selected in b. are still selected.

I’m not sure, this is a good way [I expected this object to de unmark]