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Export LOBs



When selecting “Export LOBs…” (right-clicking the output of a select), I can choose to export the current row, the selected rows or the fetched rows.
It is - as far as I can see - not (yet) possible to export all rows, including those that are not fetched yet (e.g. when there are more than 250 rows and I did not bother to do a “Fetch all” beforehand).

BTW: export LOBs is a nice feature, though.


Hi Dominique,

This is by design, to prevent from exporting large volumes of data. How important is it for you to have the ability to export all LOBs in a large table without fetching all rows?




It is not that important. After all, there is a workaround if I really want every row to export.
But it would be nice to have the option to export every row in the dialog box, so as to prevent one from accidentally only exporting the first 250 rows, and - wrongfully - assuming these are all there is…