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In the Test Editor under the “Properties” tab one can describe the PL/SQL objects to test as well as input-parameters, outcomes and so forth. Is there any possibility to generate a file (text, xml or html) with this information? That would be great to use as a documentation overview without having to click through the Test Editor.

thanks in advance!


You can run the Test Definition Highlights report to obtain text and
XML formatted output of all elements in the test definition.

You can then save the report to file.

You can run the report from within Test Editor, from the right click menu.



Hi Steven,

Thank you very much for the prompt answer!
I did exactly as you suggested and it worked fine so far. Only I missed the description of the “Test Elements” as given in the field “Description:” in the tab “Properties”.
Is there any way to extend the suggested report, or could I create a new one including this property info?

Many thanks,



We will be releasing 1.9 of Code Tester later this month. It will
include a Test Definition Details report that will show descriptions
for all components of the test definition.

If you include long description text, you will (probably) need to
insert your own newlines to avoid very long lines in the text version
of the report.

If you cannot wait for this release, you can build your own report.
There are instructions in the help doc on how to do this.

Regards, SF


A question: currently, the highlights and details report will NOT
include information about “test elements”, from which inputs and
arguments for a program are defined. Do you need these in your
report? Or it is enough to show inputs and outcomes?


To your question Steven:

Yes, it would be a great help if the highlights and details report included information about “test elements”, from which inputs and arguments for a program are defined.
That way we could use Code Tester along with its numerous valuable features to indirect document for example undocumented legacy PL/SQL code or to motivate documenting new code (I guess the problem is known) at the same time that we design test cases for that code.

many thanks,


Thank you very much for your help! I am seeing forward for the next Code Tester release.