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Export result set to Excel saves null values as zeros


I think I’ve found a small bug.

When exporting result set data to Excel
null values are saved in the output Excel file as zero!
null values should be left as blanks in the output excel file for accuracy.

when exporting to Delimited Text file this does not happen.

I’ve been using SQL-Nav 6 beta for 1 day and do like it so far, especially the tabbed code editor. I was especially pleased that support has been added for Oracle XMLtype. Previously i was having to edit XML functions in SQl-NAv 5 and run the SQL for checking output in Oracle’s SQL-Developer as SQL-Nav5 crashed when spoolijg XMLType output.

Unfortunately I find it annoying and awkward that to run the same code on different database sessions I have to duplicate the code to other code editors, increasing the number of copies of code and windows that have to be open.
It would be really nice if you could change the active session for a code editor tab and see it move to a code editor against the new session. in SQL-Nav5 i frequently just change the session associated with a SQL Editor ro repeast code on multiple databases.


Hi Mark,

Sorry for the delay. Some of the problems you mention have already been fixed. I’ll give you a detailed reply tomorrow.

Thank you,


Hi Mark,

I couldn’t reproduce the problem with exporting nulls. It certainly works correct for me in the development build.

In the latest builds, we introduced Send to Session (instead of Copy to Session). It does exactly what you said: copies the query to another session as a new tab and closes the original tab.

Thanks for the good feedback about Code Editor. In the next iteration of Beta, you will see big improvements.