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Export to Active Cell Excel 2016 no longer prompts user to select the workbook


If Excel 2013 is installed, when you choose the option to export to “Excel Instance at Active Cell” you are then presented with a list of open workbooks and can choose which one to use as a destination.

If Excel 2016 is installed, that option goes away, and Toad just randomly picks a spreadsheet (I have not determined a pattern yet) and overwrites whatever is in the sheet at the active cell in an operation that has no “undo” within Excel.

So this happened to me:

  1. I was working in a large, as of yet unsaved Excel workbook, and happen to leave my cursor in the data. (Let’s call this WorkBook1)

  2. Working in Toad, I used Quick Export … > Excel Instance > Excel Instance… and ended up with new spreadsheet with my data. (Let’s call this WorkBook2)

  3. In that new spreadsheet (WorkBook2) I placed my cursor where I wanted the next data from Toad to go.

  4. In Toad, I ran my new query, used Quick Export… > Excel Instance > Excel Instance at Active Cell…


  1. That I would get prompt asking me to choose which workbook to use like I did when I had Excel 2013 installed.


  1. If it wasn’t going to do #1, then at least use the Excel Spreadsheet that I just came from (WorkBook2) as the destination.

Actual Result: Toad instead output the data to WorkBook1 - overwriting the data that I had in that spreadsheet.

Since the spreadsheet had not yet been saved, I lost the work done in the spreadsheet. The programmatic push of data to Excel is not something that can be “undone” from within Excel. So the overwrite of the data was permanent from my perspective.

This was with 32-bit Excel 2016. Please restore the Excel 2013 option to select the workbook.